We provide engineering design, project management and inspection services for municipal clients and private developers relating to water and sewer infrastructure, storm water management, land development and transportation infrastructure.

Dynamic Engineering Ltd.

Extensive experience in many projects.

Dynamic Engineering Ltd. has active projects throughout the province and travels when needed to ensure our clients receive the personal care and attention required to deliver successful projects.

Our services include:

Municipal Funding Applications

 We understand that any successful municipal project begins with identifying the unique needs of a municipality and the services required by the inhabitants. We work closely with municipalities and get a true vision of the value these projects bring to the area. We offer the service of compiling municipal funding applications to impress upon the relative governmental departments that review them. This in turn shows why the particular project is of vital importance to the community and the province.

Engineering Design

An optimal engineering design is paramount to a successful project. These designs must include elements of quality, schedule, cost and required maintenance that mirror the clients needs and limitations. We provide engineering design services tailored to these specific requirments of every municipality or private developer, so that the installed infrastructure provides the best value to our clients.

Tendering and Contracts

To compliment an adequate engineering design, specifications and tender documents that secure the intent of the design and clearly outline the requirements of the client must be produced. These documents form the legal contract under which the infrastructure project is delivered. We provide full tendering and contract services that complement the engineering design and ensure a successful project.

Project Management and Construction Oversight

Once a contract is awarded to a successful bidder, our client requires representation and management on site of their project. We employ experienced site inspectors that ensure a project is executed properly and that our client’s best interests are represented for the entire project cycle.

Commissioning and Project Closeout

As a project nears completion, attention to detail and continued oversight are required to ensure all project goals have been achieved. We provide support through commissioning and closeout so that clients can be confident that the installed systems are tested and meet or exceed all manufacturers’ requirements and adhere to the intention of the engineered design. We also take the time to ensure that representatives from the municipality or company understand and can properly manage and maintain their newly installed systems.

Continued Support

We maintain close contact with clients to address ongoing needs as they arise. We understand that continued support and availability of our personnel builds strong client relationships and reinforces client satisfaction long after a project has been completed. Continued client support is one of the key principles of our approach and is instrumental to future success.

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